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Firstly to say thanks for last weekend's course. It achieved the twin 
aims of getting me on the water and putting the necessary WD 40 on 
skills. In some cases more than just WD 40 actually as there was 
definitely some new stuff with regards to the techy stuff (use of 
slings over pulleys, current thinking re use of harness,paddle 
attached to throwline etc). Very much appreciated the 'throw us in 
there' approach rather than frontloading everything and it definitely 
helped to not only maximize learning but also to reassure that we know 
quite alot of stuff already. I was hoping to dwell on things and give 
you something nuggety which might be changed, or could be improved but 
in terms of content and delivery I have struggled to find anything. I 
will let you know if I come up with anything, but if I am honest, 
given how quickly my memory fades, I think it is unlikely!!


Many thanks for a very pleasant  weekend.
The two days flew by and your team provided lots of useful information
and coaching points and a good refresher for the safety and l********p
It was a great opportunity to share ideas and "network" with others.
Certainly motivated to get back in a boat at the moment.


Hi guys,


Just wanted to thank you both for the sessions I did with you last weekend. At the time I found them both very useful but did say I would need to go away, assimilate & work on changing my mindset.  It seems I may have succeeded.


Last Sunday with Chris I opted to walk round two features on the Upper Dart and was a little disappointed that I wasn’t actioning what I’d picked up on Saturday.


This weekend I had a fun day in an open boat on a low Loop on Saturday which in spite of very little open boat experience I felt comfortable with so wasn’t pushing my confidence limits. 


Yesterday I went back down again (I need to move closer!) with 3 similar level paddlers from my club and we ran a very low Upper. None of us had run the Upper that many times so it was a case of work it out as we went.  I enjoy low level technical paddling, with careful route choice and negotiating your way round rocks and was completely in the Flow, as Chris would say (pretty much at the top of it in fact). I had a great run with no incidents (can only remember one support stroke) and was feeling great when we reached Euthanasia. As it was low flow I looked at it from my boat at the top, it looks much less scary from there than it does looking down at it, my mates were egging me on but I shut that out and decided that I wanted to do it for my benefit, visualised a clean run though and set off – no problem. One monkey off the back.  We also ran Surprise (another first) but not through the slot. In fact the only time we got out of our boats was to rerun one rapid as we were able to look at everything from the top (except Surprise but we knew where we wanted to go).


So, thanks guys. I’m convinced a major contributor to my paddling level and enjoyment yesterday was down to the time I spent with you guys the previous weekend.   

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