On this page, you'll find a plethora of articles about white water kayaking, all written to educate, inform and entertain. 

Feel free to download them, print them, show them to people, put them up in the club house, whatever. Share them about!*


The Human Factor

A series of articles from Paddler Magazine, looking at how we make decisions in white water:


              Part 1                                             Part 2


              Part 3                                             Part 4

Group kit
A short look at some of the bits and pieces to carry on a whitewater trip
Group Kit handout.pdf
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Safe. Tea first
An article published in Canoe Focus looking at some simple concepts to help you have more fun on the river
Safe Tea First.pdf
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Human Factors in White Water Kayaking
A short article looking at how illogical decision making contributes to incidents on the river...
Human Factors in White Water Kayaking.pd[...]
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Rapid Education

A series of articles published in Canoe Focus exploring the simple concepts behind white water kayaking

Rapid Education part 1
The first article in the series looks at some fundamental ideas about what we do.
Rapid Education 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [412.1 KB]
Rapid Education part 2
Understanding the white water environment.
Rapid Education 2.pdf
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Rapid Education part 3
A look at balance
Rapid Education 3.pdf
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Rapid Education part 4
Why speed and angle are incredibly important...
Rapid Education 4.pdf
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Rapid Education part 5
How timing is key for success
Rapid Education 5.pdf
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*A couple of conditions; make sure you tell people where you got them. No being cheeky and using them as course materials without express permission. We realise policing this will be tricky, so we're relying on your British sense of fair play. However, if we catch you at it, we will not be amused... 

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