Pyranha - Purveyors of fine kayaks and canoes, lovingly crafted by skilled artisans in Runcorn, Cheshire. Makes you proud...
  Dirty Dog eyewear- Look cool, hide your 'morning redeye' and protect your peepers into the bargain. Quality sunglasses from Dirty Dog, fresh from the Antipodes.

Palm - The leading kayaking software manufacturer on the planet, fact.

  Five Ten  - The original grippy rubber river shoes.

Recommended Retailers

Kayaks North West Based in Runcorn, Matt and the team will make you tea and regale you with stories of not selling drum keys to the drummer out of popular late 70's miserablists 'Joy Division'...


Sue's Canoes Over in the east in sunny Watton, Norfolk. Tony and Rich are not only very nice people, they have one of the best tea and bacon sandwich vans in the UK right outside their shop...

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Tel: 01490 430 655

Mob: 07811 829865

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